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Perfect Bleach- Natural white

Aside from individual pophylaxis, which is a preequisite for healthy teeth, the significance of dental aethetics is increasing for most people.Beautiful, glistening, white teeth provide a friendly smile and a healthy, well - groomed appearance. They convey self confidence and symbolise youth, vitality and success.


Dark, stained teeth not only appear unaesthetic, but the are also associated with poor oral hygeine. In addition to routine professional cleaning, whitening the teeth with whitening gel can also provide a remedy for this condition.






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The gentlest method for tooth whitening is home whitening.


Following professional teeth cleaning, the dentist will initially take an impression to fabricate your own individual splint.


You will fill this with Perfect Bleach at home. The maximum effect of the whitening gel is reached during the first two hours.


This application can be repeated daily and /or at intervals.


A difference can already be seen after the second application.

Under supervision of a dentist neither the home whitening or the office whitening can damage your teeth in any way

Home Whitening

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