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Q What are dermal fillers?

A They are clear gels made of Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in our skin, joints, etc. When the filler is injected into the skin, the wrinkle is lifted.

Q What is hyaluronic acid?

A Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found throughout the body. It gives volume to the skin.

Q How does is work?

A The gel adds volume to the skin. Immediately after injection, the skin is lifted to reduce or remove wrinkles and folds or to add volume to cheeks, lips or define the jaw line.

Q Is it safe?

A The Hyaluronic acid in the filler is almost identical to that already present in the body. It is possible to“dissolve”the filler if there is any serious problem. Immediately after, the treatment site can be slightly swollen and red. This is a normal result of the injection, and generally goes away in a day or two after the injection, and within a week after injection into the lips.

Q How do I get started?

A We will need to ask a series of questions regarding your Medical History and discuss which areas you wish to treat. Following the consultation and discussion of options, a consent form will be signed. The area is then cleansed and the procedure carried out. The treatment should take between 20-30 minutes.

Q Are there any side effects?

A Serious side effects are very rare. Only temporary (lasting 12 months) fillers are used, thus making these products very safe. They can also be “dissolved”should there be any complications.


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